Saturday, January 9, 2010

A good week down, a difficult week ahead...

After being on vacation for two weeks at the end of last year, it was a bit rough getting back into the swing of things this week - not only at work, but of course with the new mission as well. I actually fell asleep on the couch one night this week at 8:30 - totally not me!!

The week started off well, exercise-wise, but I hit a rough patch mid-week. I could not get out of bed Wednesday and Thursday morning! Wednesday was a run day, and the thought of going out and running in the (cold) dark just was not inspiring me to leave my warm bed. I did manage to get in a TG workout Thursday night, and then ran after work last night (for some reason, running in the dark at night doesn't seem as intimidating as in the morning - probably because I am actually awake).

I am proud to say that I did not have soda ONCE the entire week! I have room for improvement on my lunches - I was about 50-50 on really healthy eating for lunch this week. I did manage to eliminate the afternoon snacking, save for non-fat lattes (which is ok in my book). And since I was still finishing off leftovers at the house for dinner, and I had a friend in town for dinner one night, healthy eating at dinner was a mixed bag as well. I have yet to get to Publix, so I still need to stock up on healthy foods. But I'm getting better, it's only up from here!

I am actually heading to Orlando tomorrow evening for three days of training for work; this will be a definite challenge to both diet and exercise. I've checked out the hotel we're staying at online, and it looks like they have a sweet gym. I just have to pull my butt out of bed at my normal time (around 5:45-6) so that I can get that workout in before heading to the training sessions. Easier said than done, especially if the evening activities keep us out late (which they tend to do at training), but we'll see. And I just have to beware the snacks they usually set out for us!!

Crap, I just checked the agenda for the training...breakfast is from 7-8, and then the sessions start at 8 - I'll never get my workout in before then!! I'll just have to play it by ear; we'll see how it goes...