Saturday, January 30, 2010

Going Where I've Never Gone Before

Yes, that's right - yesterday I tried something for lunch that I've never, ever eaten before. A veggie burger. And it was surprisingly good! I went to lunch with a group from the office to this great lunch place in downtown Miami - Granny Feelgood's - that specializes in healthier dishes. I normally get a chicken salad sandwich on rye (their chicken salad has raisins, apples, cinnamon, and pecans in it, so yummy), and their sweet potato fries are legendary. But I went with the veggie burger yesterday, which comes with grilled vegetables on top, along with lettuce and tomato, and I also added a slice of swiss cheese. I did still get the sweet potato fries though :)

I struggled to get out of bed yesterday morning, so I had my usual two cups of coffee, along with a Fiber One bar. And I didn't snack in the afternoon until I had to drive down to Kendall after work, which is only like 10 miles south of downtown Miami, but literally took me an hour to get to because of traffic - I had my favorite snack of cocoa roasted almonds and dried apricots.

I was supposed to play softball last night, but turns out the team had enough girls, and I was only helping out in a pinch, so I ended up hanging out with my fam. Hard to pass up a free dinner from mom! She had made BBQ pulled chicken sandwiches, steamed mixed veggies, and baked potatoes. The BBQ chicken was really good, a recipe she had gotten from my sister. Such a domestic queen!!

I did get a weight training session in when I got home last night, and I am going to try to get in a run before heading to church tonight. I've eaten pretty light so far today, which is easy to do when you don't get out of bed till 11:30 ;) Gotta save up my calories for dinner tonight - heading to Shorty's BBQ in Deerfield. Must stay strong!! Reduce da pooch!