Saturday, January 23, 2010

Another Hectic Week

Three weeks into my mission, and I'm slacking on reporting already. My apologies. The week started off with a bang - I headed to Gainesville Monday afternoon to recruit for my company at UF's career showcase, and came back Tuesday night. I did manage to get a weight training workout in Monday morning before I left, and other than going overboard with sushi Monday night, managed to eat healthy on the trip. I also picked up a bag of pink grapefruit at one of the service plaza fruit stands on the way back - I wanted to get some Honeybell oranges, the best eating orange in the world, but the stand was sold out. Word on the street is that my neighbor is bringing me back some from Lake Placid (FL) tomorrow, though. Honeybells are only available in January, and if you can get your hands on some, they're well worth it.

So Wednesday I had some very good friends coming into town from Ohio, and they stayed with me Wednesday night, after having dinner at Taverna Opa in Hollywood. My "sister" keeps me on the straight and narrow when it comes to working out, so I enjoyed getting to show her one of my Total Gym workouts Wednesday night. We also got up and ran Thursday morning before I had to head into work, and it was so much fun having someone to run with in the morning! Wish I could have that every day, getting out of bed wouldn't be so hard!

I could've fallen into serious trouble later this week, because I was out at client sites both Thursday and Friday. I am much better about what I eat when I control it at home - that is, when I can pack my lunch with healthy things. When faced with the decision of what to eat at a restaurant, I can sometimes give in to temptation. But I stood strong both days and had salad with a vinaigrette dressing. I did have a bag of Gardetto's snack mix from the vending machine Friday afternoon, but overall I was pretty good this week.

So my big weekend workout plans were 1.) paddle-boarding for the first time in over a year (not by choice), and 2.) playing volleyball for the first time since early August. Unfortunately, Mother Nature threw a wrinkle into my plans - forecasts for this weekend were all sun and fun, but then it was like the crappiest weekend ever (ok, so maybe not that bad). It was too windy for paddleboarding this morning, so the meetup was canceled. I did get to play volleyball this afternoon, though, and am I going to be sore tomorrow! It was a great workout, one I hope to repeat most Sundays. I also got a run in Saturday afternoon, after working in the yard for a bit, so a very active weekend all around.

Alright, there's the recap for the week, I promise to post more than one time in the next week. I am also planning to do a whole post on my Total Gym workouts - I swear I am not paid to advertise for it, but I really do enjoy it and it works! Have a great week, everyone!

P.S. The end of this week will be one month in - be on the lookout for bump update pics as well as measurement updates!