Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 1 of Mission 2010

I am entrenched in the period of my life when most of my girlfriends are plastering their facebooks and blogs with photos of their ever-growing bellies, and posting professional maternity photos of their husbands kissing said belly. Now, don't get me wrong, I love my friends and following their journeys to motherhood. However, over the past few years, I have begun to notice in myself a similar, eh, body pattern to my mommy-in-waiting friends ("are you growing a baby in your belly?" an observant 6-year-old once asked me). And the only reason for mine is a bad diet and not enough exercise!

Having no baby to blame for the pooch - crap, I can't even blame it on booze and rough living - I have no choice but to subject myself to the mercy of the net. Let me just be clear: I am not the "blogger" sort of person, because I have never believed my life is really interesting enough that other people would want to read about me on a daily basis. But I gotta do something to stay accountable to my mission. So why not do a "baby bump watch" in reverse? My "pre" pics are those with the pooch, and hopefully, if all goes according to plan, the last few pics will show a nice, flat, six-pack (a girl can dream!) stomach. I've posted a few pics above to show how dire the situation has gotten - thank goodness I don't leave the house in those clothes.

So here goes. My plan is simple, and it's not all that different than what I've (inconsistently) already been doing. Three days a week running, and I'm upping the strength training (via Chuck Norris' Total Gym, which is awesome) to three days a week, instead of two. I just need to stay on track and be consistent, in good weather and bad (so easy to stay in bed an extra hour, but gotta be strong), in Daylight Savings Time and Standard.

The most extreme part of my plan is the diet part. I've gotta change what I eat. So here is my list of resolutions (so far) in the diet department:

2. No more buying soda - even diet sodas. Supplement with Crystal Light, if I need flavor. Also brew iced tea at home with Splenda or Stevia sweetners.
3. Buy more fruits and vegetables - I got pretty good at packing my lunch in 2009, now in 2010 I need to pack more salads and low-cal snacks.
4. If I eat out for lunch, stick with salads and grilled items. Stay strong!
5. Stay away from the afternoon Starbucks coffee cakes and sweets - a low-fat latte is ok, but not the "Starbucks value meal".

Here's to getting back on the running wagon and making smarter dining choices over the weekend. Cheer me on as I begin this quest to REDUCE DA POOCH.

Beginning Measurements:
Waist: 34"
Hips: 40"
Thighs: 24"