Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mid-week report

I feel like I am finally starting to see results from my mission; the pair of pants I wore to work today, which I bought with one of my Christmas gift cards, were way too loose - so I might have to get them taken in sometime soon! It's always easier for me to lose weight (inches) in my legs - we'll see if after another month the pooch will start to disappear too. I can tell you this, though - cutting soda (even diet) out of my normal daily habits has really helped me to feel less...poochy. :)

In addition to the blog here, I've gotten hooked on another very practical and useful site, which I believe I mentioned in my last post - I've been using that site to journal my food diary, chart my goals, and track my progress. Of course, I'm only about a week into using the site, but knowing that I have to enter in every thing I eat really helps me stay strong in avoiding bad foods! I've included my progress bar, below, which I expect to start moving along at a good clip soon!

To keep it short and sweet, I've also kicked butt at exercising each morning (ok, Monday evening, but every other morning - and it was pouring Monday morning). Reduce da pooch! Reduce da pooch!