Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Whole30: Day 16

Food log:

Breakfast: Scotch egg with steamed broccoli, banana
Lunch: leftover pulled pork, collard greens and sweet potato "strata"
Afternoon snack: chopped nectarine drizzled with coconut cream
Dinner: spiralized yellow squash topped with homemade meat sauce (made by my friend Kelli)

What are Scotch eggs, you ask?
Mmm...tasty little morsels of meaty goodness 
I also like to refer to them as "protein bombs" - it's a hard-boiled egg (peeled, of course) encased in pork sausage, then baked in the oven. Apparently you can find these everywhere in the UK, they're deep-fried across the pond. Hopefully someday I'll be able to taste the real deal, but in the meantime, one of these plus veggies on the side make for a tasty, tasty meal. I made them last night and placed them in to go containers, ready for my lunch (and breakfast) bag.

I actually went to Crossfit this evening! My back has been sore all day, I must've tweaked it a little at Pilates last night, which is a bummer. The strength portion of the wod today at my box was 6 attempts  at a one rep max weighted (strict) pull-up; I was pumped because this is one of only several exercises that I can do and not bother my back. After warming up, I got to work setting out the dumbbells I would clasp between my feet to use as weight; I started off with just a body weight strict pull-up to see how it felt, and it felt great. I then worked in 5 pound increments, up to 25#; it took a few tries at 25#, but I finally got my chin up over the bar! My box uses an app called Wodify to track everyone's times and scores, and I think I had the 5th best weight among the women for the pull-ups! Not too shabby for a scrawny-shouldered gal like myself!! During the metcon, which was a variation of Fran, I rode the Airdyne for 15 minutes, and got some good cardio in. Felt good to be back in the class, for sure.
Again, not me...but this is how I did my pull-ups, except with a pronated grip

I cooked up some more food tonight, including a pound of grass-fed beef and Ethiopian Cabbage from The Clothes Make the Girl, so I have more tasty food to keep me fueled throughout the week. Check back tomorrow night, I plan to get adventurous with my dinner tomorrow!